Experience Makes the Difference

Commercial Real Estate Investing, Foundation Group

For every property offered for sale, there are a limited number of buyers. That limited number of buyers becomes even more limited as the price of the property approaches the high end of what is considered “the market”.

Foundation Group has demonstrated for three decades that it can seek out this very limited investor population and maximize the seller’s net proceeds provided it has the cooperation of the seller in formulating a controlled promotional marketing effort.

Marketing Exposure

The quantity and quality of the exposure a property receives in the commercial real estate investing market will have a direct impact on an owner’s ability to maximize the net proceeds from a sale. Foundation Group maximizes the property exposure through:

  • The largest and most experienced team of professional agents in the region. We are able to access more qualified buyers directly and through other marketing alternatives than a seller.
  • One of the most advanced and complete lists of qualified buyers in the industry, which can be rapidly accessed according to property type, size and investment characteristics.
  • Exclusively listed properties receive sophisticated, computer generated packages, designed to accurately and promotionally represent the property and its operational investment characteristics.
Commercial Real Estate Investing, Foundation Group
  • Electronic packages are available for listing on the web or delivery to clients with email capabilities.
  • Detailed and precise marketing plans, which include the generation of an appropriate level of competition between qualified buyers. The seller’s position is strengthened throughout the negotiation, due diligence and closing processes of a transaction when buyers are aware they are operating in a competitive atmosphere.

Information Quality & Use

The deliverability and use of quality information, strengthening the negotiating position of the seller as well as maximizing the strengths of the property and the market. This time-tested process minimizes the concerns a buyer could have with the property and reduces the buyer’s perception of risk.

Commercial Real Estate Investing, Foundation Group
Commercial Real Estate Investing, Foundation Group
Commercial Real Estate Investing, Foundation Group

Professional, Informed, Transactional Experience

The process of marketing, negotiating and closing the sale of commercial real estate investing properties involves a sophisticated series of steps, which provide a continuous opportunity for a buyer to renegotiate and, as a result, reduce the seller’s ultimate net proceeds. A key to Foundation Group’s ability to effectively represent sellers is our strong transactional experience, which we have developed during our three decades of experience.

Our knowledge and experience includes:

  • Pricing the property at an optimal level. Our experience has shown that pricing a property “too high” for the marketplace can be just as “expensive” as pricing the property “too low.” Over pricing reduces the number of qualified buyers actively pursuing the property and encourages low-ball offers.
  • Qualifying buyers early in the marketing process. Our qualification of a buyer includes determining the source of the buyer’s down payment, ability to qualify for financing, and general reputation and business style.
  • The writing of strong and effective contracts protecting the interests of all parties to the transaction and providing a timeline with reasonable deadlines for each step of the sales process.
  • Obtaining cash deposits whenever possible to take the property “off the market.”
  • Establishing short timeframes for the buyer’s removal of due diligence and financing options.
  • Actively monitoring the financing process including underwriting, application, commitments and obtaining the lender’s final approval and funding.
  • Whenever possible, obtaining non-refundable or pass-through deposits upon removal of all contingencies to guarantee the performance of the buyer.
  • Pro-actively managing each aspect of the closing process to insure that issues are quickly resolved and are not used as the basis for unreasonable negotiations.

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